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Update: Dr Brianna Armstrong, now the Medical Director at Firehouse’s newest hospital on 183, has had Raylan for over a year. We wanted to update you on their sweet connection.

“Raylan is doing great! He’s all about people and peanut butter,” she says. “He loves walks and is happy to hop in the car and go places where he can meet people: nonprofit events in Zilker, fun runs, the park! He’s such a people person. When he’s at home, he’s happy to chill out and eat peanut butter whenever he can get it.”

Mar 2, 2022

Gentle giant who loves milk bones seeking a forever home with a loving human. I have 3 legs but a whole heart. ❤

It’s the stuff of romcoms: surgeon and patient meet, bond, and fall in love.

Dr Brianna Armstrong at Firehouse Round Rock will adopt her cuddly St Bernard named Beethoven this month. 

Their whirlwind romance began in January when WILCO brought Beethoven, who is about 4-years-old, to the hospital. He was limping and wasn’t using his front left leg.

Firehouse did some X-rays, which showed he had a dislocated left elbow. We consulted with our surgery specialty partners to discuss all the options for Beethoven. In the end, we decided to amputate his leg. 

Firehouse takes amputations seriously, which is why our doctors brought in a specialist. We look at all the options and only choose this operation when it’s 100% necessary.

In this case, Beethoven’s injury happened before WILCO found him. There wasn’t a surgery to save his elbow. 

Luckily, he has already adapted to walking on 3 legs. In fact, many dogs and cats can do well with a missing limb. It’s almost like they’re built with a spare one.

Beethoven currently shows no signs of distress. He can run, jump, and play. His quality of life will improve tenfold. And best yet, Dr Armstrong just adopted him! We wish them many happy and healthy years together.

We all play a role in making our communities healthier, safer, and happier. This is why Firehouse gives generously.

Such a good boy.

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