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Brianna Armstrong, DVM

Medical Director

Dr Brianna Armstrong believes veterinary visits should be as fun as a play date or a walk to the park! Yet, she also understands that check-ups aren’t always a relaxing experience for pets. So, she uses Fear Free tactics to create a friendly, calm, and inviting environment for cats and dogs.

She is passionate about facilitating the human-animal bond and does this through client education and prioritizing a positive in-hospital experience. Dr Armstrong understands the importance of clear communication to ensure her patient’s health and well-being. She makes it a priority that the client feels they understand the plan for their family member. She has a special interest in animal behavior and has worked with many different behavior cases.

Originally from New Orleans, Dr Armstrong got to Texas as quickly as she could. She received her undergraduate degree and her veterinary degree from Texas A&M University. When not caring for patients, Dr Armstrong spends time traveling, exercising, painting, and enjoying game nights with her husband, Tim. Their pets include two adorable cats, Rogelio and Xiomara, as well as a fluffy tripod Great Pyrenees mix named Raylan.

Phoebe Valdez
Phoebe Valdez

Hospital Manager

Phoebe values transparency, communication, and preparation. Clients love that she is a compassionate animal caretaker. Her goals are to make pets as comfortable as possible during their visit and ensure that she meets clients’ needs. Phoebe helps patients live long, healthy lives by making visits a positive experience for pets. She studies each animal’s behavior and adjusts her approach accordingly. She enjoys collaborating with clients to provide the best-individualized care.

To keep her skills current, Phoebe continues to attend training sessions. She is skilled at finding tricky veins, allowing her to draw blood or place catheters on small, scared, or wiggly pets. Phoebe attended Texas A&M University and studied Biomedical Sciences. She loves to work out, spend time outside, and hang out with her husband when not working. She also loves going on runs with her Border Collie, Jude. Nala, her cat, rules her house.

Lana Honning, DVM


Dr Lana Honning knows education and clear communication are vital to exceptional veterinary care. She helps clients understand her reasoning and always offers her clients treatment options. She keeps an open line of communication so pet parents can ask questions and share concerns.

Dr Honning is passionate about preventive medicine – including vaccinations, routine bloodwork, and yearly dental cleanings. Her goal is to provide top-notch care that treats an underlying issue before it becomes a problem.

She also takes a special interest in dentistry and dermatology. It is her mission to ensure all owners understand the importance of continued and effective dental care. This ensures all pets’ teeth stay healthy and pain-free. Skin issues are also very common in Texas and she loves to dive into this topic. She can relate since she also suffers from allergies!

Dr Honning received a BS in Biomedical Sciences and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University. She loves to spend time with her senior dog, Lilla vän, and her family and friends. She also loves live music and enjoys crafting/woodworking.

Aly Satterfield

Veterinary Technician

A true animal lover, Aly finds fulfillment in helping pets every day. Clients appreciate her personable attitude and believe in a transparent approach when discussing veterinary care with clients.

Aly wants each pet to feel comfortable while at Firehouse. She provides head scratches, snacks, and positive reinforcement. She gets on the pet’s level as well, going slowly to ensure the pet doesn’t feel scared.

Her passion for animals began when she was a child, and she has worked in boarding facilities before coming to Firehouse. Currently, Aly is earning her Associate’s Degree at Austin Community College for General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences. Her goal is then focus on veterinary medicine/technology.

Aly shares her heart with Chase, her Corgi/Belgian Malinois mix, and Stanley, a Korat cat. When not working, she loves to go hiking, spend time with her pets, and sing.

Sydni Brinkley

Veterinary Technician

Sydni truly values providing exceptional care to clients and their pets. She strives to exceed expectations, anticipate needs, and keep everyone feeling safe and at ease. Clients appreciate her clear communication, collaborative approach, and how she truly loves each patient who comes into the hospital.

As a pet owner, Sydni knows that keeping pets comfortable and secure is so important. She adapts her care for each pet, provides lots of love, and follows Fear Free and Feline Friendly tips. She has a soft spot for cats, and is always happy to help cats who may feel scared or who may need extra care.

She shares her home with her two dogs: a handsome rottweiler mix named Skott, and Lola, a sweet pit bull terrier mix. She also has two cats: Butter and TigerLily.

Cindy Williams

Veterinary Technician

Cindy loves collaborating with clients to create the best plan for their pets. She teaches clients about home care, discusses the veterinarian’s treatment plan, and takes time to answer any questions. Clients appreciate her compassionate and caring approach to pet care as well.

Cindy wants patients to feel comfortable at the hospital. She uses Fear Free techniques and lets the pet set the pace for the appointment. She is patient with all kinds of pets who come in, letting them take time to adapt before starting any treatments.

Currently, Cindy is working on her associate degree in veterinary technology. She plans to then attend the University of Texas to pursue a microbiology degree. When not working or at school, Cindy likes to go to the gym, play video games, and watch movies. She can also be found at the dog park with her lab/husky mix, Lexie.

Kyla Burkes (she/her)

Veterinary Technician

Kyla believes in creating a safe space for owners and pets when they are visiting Firehouse. She is transparent, walks clients through the doctor’s plans, and works with the client to create the perfect solution. She is passionate about client education; she is always happy to answer questions and provide suggestions on things clients can do at home to help their pets live happy, healthy lives.

Kyla offers treats, pets, and reads a patient’s body language to help the animal feel comfortable while at the hospital. She wants each pet to have a good experience, so she treats each patient as if they were her own pet. She has a soft spot for cats. Kyla has fostered over 80 dogs from local shelters, which helped her discover her love of helping pets. Her goal is to begin a License Veterinary Technician program this year.

Her home is full of rescued love. Kyla has seven rescue dogs and three rescue cats. Her dogs are Dexter (a senior yorkie mix), Harley (a senior malamute mix), Lucy (a senior shepherd mix), Lillian (a Shar Pei mix), Princess and Charlie (pit bull mixes), and Xena (a hound mix). Her cats’ names are Murphy, Nebula, and Finn. In her free time, she likes to read, bake, hike, and swim.

Lisa Berletch

Client Service Coordinator

Lisa creates a welcoming environment for owners and pets. By using communication training skills and Fear Free techniques, she can help clients and patients feel at ease. Clients appreciate Lisa’s transparency and collaborative approach. This allows her to build personal and professional relationships with people. She has over ten years of experience in the veterinary field.

Lisa’s calm approach and warm demeanor help nervous pets feel comfortable during their visits. She enjoys helping owners and pets in emergency situations. She knows how stressful an emergency can be, so she stays calm and offers support to owners.

Lisa graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she received a degree in Math and Science Education. She shares her home with several pets: two dogs, Dizzy, a Shetland sheepdog, and Nora, a German shepherd; a snowshoe cat named Moo-shu; and five crested geckos (Mongo, Tiger, Goldie, Ruby, and Mocha). In her free time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her favorite people and playing video games.

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Devin Bonilla

Client Service Coordinator

Devin brings many years of client service to Firehouse. His calm, understanding personality helps clients and pets feel comfortable. He treats pets like a part of his family because he knows how special the human/animal bond is, especially in stressful or emergent situations.

Devin knows that pets are more comfortable when their people are comfortable. He uses a soothing approach and ensures clients are calm so that their pets have a stress-free experience. Devin is always happy to provide treats and love to pets who visit as well. Devin loves learning new approaches to pet care so that he can continue to provide the best care.

A huge cat lover, Devin shares his heart with Salem, his black cat. However, he would have several more cats if possible. In his free time, he likes to go to concerts and watch movies, especially at the theater.

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