Dr Stacy Mozisek will keep Juniper, her Labradoodle, inside on New Year’s Eve, Juniper gets very nervous during fireworks on both NYE and July 4th.

Loud bangs and pops scare pets and can make a well-behaved pet misbehave or run away.

Celebrations can be stress-free if you plan. Consider your pet as you make your plans for December 31st.

Dr Stacy Mozisek at Firehouse Westlake puts a Thundershirt on Juniper during December 31st and July 4th fireworks. That combined with Dr Mozisek’s presence helps Juniper feel safe. Once in bed in a dark room, Juniper will sleep no matter the sounds outside.

Clients with new pets should assume fireworks will be scary. To prepare, call us ASAP. We can discuss anti-anxiety medications or over-the-counter options like Benadryl.

Dr Mozisek’s #1 tip is “don’t leave your pet outside!” So many pets run away on NYE. Dogs have been known to jump through windows or hurt themselves in response to fireworks. Keep your dog inside and in a protective kennel on NYE.

5 more tips to keep pets safe while humans celebrate

Calming pheromones like Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats can be helpful. We sell those on our online pharmacy.

Consider boarding your pet if you will be out of the house. Alone in a house, a loud noise can turn a well-behaved dog into a destructive one. Firehouse has a new daycare and overnight boarding option. Firehouse Pet Resort opened in September!

-During fireworks or loud gatherings, keep pets in an internal room, away from windows. Drown out sound with a white noise machine or the television. Keep the room dark for cats. Turn on Dog Radio for your pups.

-Keeps pets at a safe distance if you’re setting off fireworks or sparklers at home. Dogs’ and cats’ hearing is sensitive. Loud bands may damage their ears. Also, we don’t want dogs to fetch lit fireworks, which can cause serious burns or death.

-Ensure your pet’s microchip or collar tags are up to date so they’re easy to track down in the event they run away. Loud noises can trigger the nervous system. This causes a flight response, which is why pets run away on New Year’s Eve (and July 4th).

Fireworks don’t have to be a source of anxiety for pet owners. Follow our tips to ensure your holidays are fun and relaxing! Please call us if you have questions

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